About me

Who is rotköpfchen?

I'm Anni, 23, stuying design/communication arts, addicted to movies, music, adventures and beautiful things, catlady, redhead by choice, internet person and fangirl about many things.
I'm from Fulda, Germany, currently studying in Braunschweig

In 2011 I worked on my university application for communication arts and people asked me all the time if they could see my work and my progress. And because I wanted to start a blog for ages I took the chance to start rotköpfchen. I started very shy with tiny drawings and began to grow very slow. And is still growing! rotköpfchen is my little platform to share my work and adventures.

PS: If you're wondering what "rotköpfchen" means: It's not really a German word you use but it means something like little redhead. It is also related to two more German words: "Rotkäppchen" which is Little Red Riding Hood and "Rotkehlchen", robin redbreast, my favourite bird.

Contact: rotkoepfchen@yahoo.de

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